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OCTM Annual Conference

2021 Speaker Proposals were due May 1.

The Program Committee is beginning to create an excellent conference experience for us!

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Latest OCTM Town Hall: Promoting Antiracism and Social Justice through Allyship

OCTM held our fifth Town Hall on Racism and Social Injustice via Zoom on April 13.  The discussion was moderated by Charles Bowman (OCTM Director of Diversity and Inclusion) and Teddy Chao of The Ohio State University.  We are very grateful to all who are participating in these conversations.  There is much more to be done, and OCTM is committed to this work.  The final Town Hall for the school year will take place on Tuesday, June 8 at 7:00 p.m. EDT via Zoom -- more information to come soon.

Find the resources and slides from this event and earlier Town Halls at this link on our new (beta) website.

If you are interested in participating in the Network for Mathematics Educators of Color, please complete this form.  You can find more information about this group at this link.

The OCTM Executive Board is endorsing and sharing this statement from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics regarding the events of January 6, as well as this statement from the American Educational Research Association regarding anti-Asian violence. 


An important message from OCTM

As educators, one of our most important roles is helping others see perspectives beyond their own. Racism has impacted the lives of African Americans and Black people in our country for over 400 years. They continue to suffer, along with people of color and other marginalized people in our country as their voices and lives are oppressed by those with privilege. Staying silent in our society when injustice occurs promotes continued oppression. OCTM is committed to actively supporting, including, and engaging educators representing all of the diversity in our communities. We see you; we need you, and we are better with you. We assume responsibility for working to welcome and elevate all and to allow your important voices to be heard. We must work together to create a future for our children where no voices are silenced and where all lives are equally cherished and valued.


OCTM Scholarships

Each fall, OCTM awards six $750 scholarships to undergraduate students; some graduate students are also eligible.  The deadline for applications this year is June 15, 2021.

For all additional information regarding these scholarships, please see this page on the new (beta) OCTM website.


Our first VIRTUAL Conference took place on October 1 - 29, but you can still register to view all recorded sessions!

Register through May 15, 2021; the recordings will be available through June 30.  

*** Click here to find all information and to register! ***


OCTM Algebra 1 Learning Community

Looking for collegial support in teaching Algebra 1?  Our Algebra 1 Learning Community is beginning!  Consider joining today as we collaborate, encourage, share resources, support and grow together.  Visit this link for more information.

OCTM Geometry Learning Community 2.0

Looking for collegial support in teaching high school Geometry?  Our Geometry Learning Community is continuing into year 2!  Consider joining today as we collaborate, encourage, share resources, support and grow together.  Visit this link for more information.


OCTM support for educators, students, and families during the COVID-19 crisis
**Including materials from Virtual Meetups with ODE**

OCTM is incredibly thankful for all Ohio educators, and we want to do all that we can to support our statewide community in these challenging times. 

We were very pleased during the spring and summer to co-host an ongoing series of Virtual Meetups for educators with our ODE mathematics team.  You can access all of the shared materials from the Virtual Meetups at the two links below. 
  • Resources from all Virtual Meetups through June 2
  • Resources from all Virtual Meetups June 9 and beyond

Additional resources for remote learning:
  • We hope that you can find some encouragement and support through our Distance Learning Groups for K-12 teachers and our daily mathematics conversation starters from March/April that are still accessible on our Twitter account.
  • Our ODE mathematics team has also created a very helpful document called Ohio's Math Resources that provides many resources for engaging students and families during remote learning.


Our Mission

Engage, Inspire, Empower with Mathematics!

OCTM does this by:

  • Supporting the growth of mathematics educators
  • Promoting diversity and equity through inclusive structures and practices that promote access to mathematics for all students and educators

Our Vision

We envision a world where everyone is enthused about mathematics, sees the value and beauty of mathematics, and is empowered by the opportunities mathematics affords.

As part of an interconnected world, our work extends beyond our state borders. As such, OCTM has adopted the vision statement of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Our Core Values

OCTM believes diversity, effective teaching practices, and opportunities to learn and grow are critical to the work of our organization.  Please click here to see our complete statement of core values and principles.

OCTM Board
Find the full directory of OCTM leaders here.


OCTM Membership and Engagement

What opportunities do you and your mathematics colleagues have to participate in informed, collaborative professional growth?  If you are an administrator, do your teachers participate in OCTM?  You can help colleagues become part of this organization comprised of a strong network of 3,000+ educators in Ohio.
  • Information you can share about OCTM: Share this video in which 5 OCTM members talk about their reasons for being involved, and share this file that includes 10 specific ways to be involved in OCTM all year long.  Visit the links to the left for more details.
  • On Twitter, watch for tweets from OCTM members sharing their professional learning and growth at @ohioctm and #octmconnects .
See a list here of all those who have invited at least one new member to become part of OCTM since Fall 2018.  This is how we grow!


Congratulations 2020 OCTM Awardees!
See this page for more information.

District Awardees

Central District: Katie Baker, Katie Tennant
East District: Ashley Tomassetti, Sandra Wilder
Northeast District: Staci McDaniel, Brian Johnson, Margot Calcut
Northwest District: Abbey Mezinko, Pamela Riffle
South District: Kathleen Smith Ross
Southeast District: Courtney Vogt, Lindsey Doudna
Southwest District: Tara Nutt, Kelsey Winebar, Tammy Dietz
West District: Laura Post, Matt Hickman, Tim Guindon

State Awardees

Elementary (Miller/Werner): Beth Flanigan
Middle School (Linda M. Gojak):
Jodi Hoffman

Secondary (Buck Martin): Jenny Walls
College (Kenneth Cummins):
Lynne Pachnowski

Emerging Leader: Megan Mayerle
Friend of Mathematics (Bert Waits): Carole Katz

Christofferson-Fawcett (Lifetime Achievement): No awardee this year since the recipient could not be honored in person

Questions about awards may be referred to Matt Carpenter, OCTM District Director at Large, at matt.carpenter@ohioctm.org .


Professional Opportunities in Ohio for Mathematics Teaching and Learning

View professional development opportunities that are open to all Ohio mathematics educators at the OCTM event calendar HERE. Please note that these events are not sponsored or officially endorsed by OCTM unless indicated.  We encourage you to participate in the events sponsored by our local affiliate groups and the Ohio Math Teacher Circles. If you would like to request that an event be added to our calendar, please contact Kim Yoak at kim.yoak@ohioctm.org .

SE Ohio Math Teachers' Circle 
photos provided by Courtney Koestler


Who has made a difference for you?

As an organization, we are incredibly grateful for the work of those who came before us.  We truly stand on the shoulders of giants. 

In honor of those who have come before, we have a series called "They Made a Difference" to highlight educators who have made a difference for YOU in mathematics.  To submit a brief remembrance for this series, write to Heather Wukelich (heather.wukelich@ohioctm.org).  Find this series and other OCTM history at this page on our site.