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70th Annual Conference, Southwest Ohio (2020)

Get ready for the 70th Annual OCTM Conference in October!

COVID 19 update: On June 12, the OCTM Board voted to offer our annual conference in an entirely virtual format this fall. The conference committees are now working on creating a schedule for online sessions, and more information will be released as our plans are finalized.  We hope that this will allow many more people to participate from every part of Ohio. Stay tuned!

We are very excited to announce our planned keynote speakers!

 Kristopher Childs
 Christopher Danielson (website) Sara
 Twitter: @Trianglemancsd Twitter: @saravdwerf

Session categories for the full program are: M ~ Mindset A ~ Access and Equity T ~ Teaching and Learning H ~ How to Assess

For questions about the program, please contact Alexa Fulmer ( and/or Brooke Lovely (, Program Co-Chairs.

Information for vendors
Options for vendors will change for 2020 since this event will now be virtual; more details to come soon. Download the typical vendor information sheet here.  You can register online as a vendor now at this link. Contact Mark Jaffee (Annual Conference Coordinator and Exhibits Chair) at with questions. 

For more information
For general questions about the conference, please contact Christina Sherman ( and/or Ann Farrell (, General Co-Chairs.