OCTM Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for the OCTM is made up of four groups:
  • Executive Board (10 individuals, including the President, Vice Presidents, etc.)
  • District Directors (8 individuals, each representing a District of the State of Ohio) 
  • Affiliate Presidents (18 individuals, each representing one Affiliated Group of OCTM) 
  • Others (including appointed leadership positions, Ohio Department of Education members, etc.) 

Find a list of all Board members and their contact information HERE on Google Drive.

Find the job descriptions for all board positions HERE.

OCTM Leadership Opportunities - Positions Available

Consider one of the following positions - check out the OCTM Job Descriptions for more details. 

Email Karma Vince if you are interested or have a name for nomination (along with the email of the person they are nominating). Karma will then contact the individuals to get their biography of about 200 words in third person to organize for the ballot.

APPOINTED OFFICES (beginning immediately)
  • Online Membership Manager 
  • Communications Committee 
  • Nominating Committee Chair 
  • Recognition Committee Chair/Committee (NEW position) 
ELECTED OFFICES (beginning October 2017)
  • President-elect 
  • VP Secondary 
  • Treasurer 
  • District Director - South 
  • District Director - Southwest 
  • District Director - West
Learn more about OCTM by browsing:
  • OCTM Constitution, Bylaws, Mission, Vision, and History HERE on Google Drive.
  • Board Minutes HERE on Google Drive.
  • Annual Business Meeting Minutes HERE on Google Drive.
  • Board Reports HERE.
  • List of the Local Affiliates HERE.
Board Meeting Dates for 2017
  • Saturday, September 30, 2017 at STRS