OCTM Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for the OCTM is made up of four groups:
  • Executive Board (10 individuals, including the President, Vice Presidents, etc.)
  • District Directors (8 individuals, each representing a District of the State of Ohio) 
  • Affiliate Presidents (18 individuals, each representing one Affiliated Group of OCTM) 
  • Others (including appointed leadership positions, Ohio Department of Education members, etc.) 

Find a list of all Board members and their contact information HERE on Google Drive.

Find the job descriptions for all board positions HERE.

OCTM Leadership Opportunities - Positions Available

Consider one of the following positions - check out the OCTM Job Descriptions for more details. 

Email President Christina Sherman if you are interested or have a name for nomination (along with the email of the person they are nominating). 

APPOINTED OFFICES (beginning immediately) 
  • Nominating Committee Chair 
  • Recognition Committee Chair/Committee (NEW position) 
  • Communications Committee
Learn more about OCTM by browsing:
  • OCTM Constitution, Bylaws, Mission, Vision, and History HERE on Google Drive.
  • Board Minutes HERE on Google Drive.
  • Annual Business Meeting Minutes HERE on Google Drive.
  • Board Reports HERE.
  • List of the Local Affiliates HERE.
Board Meeting Dates for 2017
  • Saturday, September 30, 2017 at STRS