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OSU Knowledge Bank to Host OJSM

We are pleased to announce that The Ohio State University Libraries (OSU) will archive digital versions of the Ohio Journal of School Mathematics through the University's Knowledge Bank. The Knowledge Bank (http://kb.osu.edu) is OSU's digital institutional repository. Inclusion in the Knowledge Bank means that past articles from the Ohio Journal of School Mathematics will be searchable (e.g. by Google) and available via the Internet. Other benefits of this arrangement include long-term preservation in a professionally managed repository, a worldwide audience, distribution of research, a long-term stable URL that can be used in citation, and an increased web presence.

We welcome feedback from any author (or rights holder) whose article(s)/image(s) appeared in the Ohio Journal of School Mathematics who has any questions or concerns about the digitization process and/or inclusion in the Knowledge Bank. Please contact editor Todd Edwards at todd.edwards@ohioctm.org.

The Ohio Journal of School Mathematics

The Ohio Journal of School Mathematics is the journal of the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics. It is intended to be a medium for teachers from elementary to college level to present their ideas and beliefs about the teaching and learning of mathematics. The Journal is edited by Todd Edwards from Miami University. Mathematics educators at all levels are encouraged to submit manuscripts for upcoming issues of the Journal. Although research studies are not emphasized in the Journal, practical application of research implications is appropriate. The Journal is published on a rolling schedule, with articles published throughout the year as they are received. 

 on Google Drive.

Guidelines for Manuscripts and Activities

Manuscripts should be double-spaced with one-inch margins and 10-12 point font (Times New Roman or Arial are preferable). Please use APA style in your submission, citing sources with appropriate information such as author, journal or book title, publisher, date, and pages. Original figures, tables, and graphs should appear embedded in the document. Please do not use text boxes, footnotes, or head-notes.

Activities should be designed to help students understand mathematics, or to help teachers teach mathematics. This may imply conceptual or procedural understanding. The activities should be original to the author. Activities can be at any grade level, and should be in final form.  Use one-inch margins and 10-12 point font (Times New Roman or Arial are preferable). Activity submissions are reviewed by the activity editor who will help authors make the submissions ready for publication.

An electronic copy of your manuscript or activity is required. The electronic copy should be in an MS Word compatible format, PDF, or LaTeX and submitted via the Journal’s online portal at https://library.osu.edu/ojs/index.php/OJSM.

New authors will need to set up an author account by clicking on REGISTER in the top center of the page.  Once logged into the system, authors are able to submit manuscripts, read reviews, and correspond with journal editors.

No cover sheet is needed. Authors enter their name, work address, telephone number, fax, and email address as part of the registration process. No author identification should appear on the manuscript itself or in the document’s metadata. The editors of the Ohio Journal of School Mathematics use a blind review process.