Special Interest Groups

As part of OCTM’s strategic vision for promoting positive, collaborative growth in mathematics education, we are pleased to announce the formation of Special Interest Groups. The goal of these Special Interest Groups is to develop strong networks of OCTM members who are interested in specific issues in mathematics education. Networking can be a catalyst to growth and development of our professional practices, and we would like to facilitate this process throughout the state of Ohio.

Browse the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) HERE on Google Docs.  

You are most welcome to sign up for one or more of these or start one of your own. To sign up, just email your topic facilitator and then each facilitator will contact each person in her or his SIG and arrange with their respective group members how to operate as a team. Groups may use such means as email, blogs, discussion boards, local, regional and state conferences, or any other way to get together for professional dialogue on important topics. What is YOUR passion?

If you would like to start a SIG of your own, please contact Lynn Aring who will get you started.