OCTM Constitution, Bylaws, and History

OCTM Constitution and Bylaws

The Constitution and Bylaws are the governing documents for OCTM and are required as part of our charter as an organization in Ohio.  They were last revised in October 2017 by a vote of the general membership at the Annual Meeting in Columbus.

Click here to read the OCTM Constitution.
Click here to read the OCTM Bylaws.

OCTM History

At this link, you will find a history of the first 50 years of OCTM, written in the year 2000.  This history was compiled by Emalou Brumfield, Laura Anfang, and Adele Cohn, and it was based on earlier documents written by Clarence Heinke and Kenneth Cummins.  The document includes information about the beginnings of OCTM, leaders through the years, and activities that have been mainstays of the organization.