Constitution, Bylaws, and History

OCTM Constitution and Bylaws

The Constitution and Bylaws are the governing documents for OCTM and are required as part of our charter as an organization in Ohio.  They were last revised in October 2017 by a vote of the general membership at the Annual Meeting in Columbus.

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OCTM History

At this link, you will find a history of the first 50 years of OCTM, written in the year 2000.  This history was compiled by Emalou Brumfield, Laura Anfang, and Adele Cohn, and it was based on earlier documents written by Clarence Heinke and Kenneth Cummins.  The document includes information about the beginnings of OCTM, leaders through the years, and activities that have been mainstays of the organization.

OCTM's Last Surviving Charter Member

Luther Shetler, Mathematics Professor Emeritus at Bluffton College/University, was the last surviving charter member of OCTM. During the banquet at the 2018 conference, several OCTM members wrote a brief note to Dr. Shetler to thank him for his role in the creation of our organization. Duane Bollenbacher (OCTM Historian) was able to visit Dr. Shetler to share our message of gratitude. Many commented on the impact Dr. Shetler's "Mathematics of Bubbles" presentations had made on them. We are saddened that Dr. Shetler passed away on December 15, 2018. (You can read his obituary for further details about his life.) When Duane shared the news of Dr. Shetler's passing, he mentioned how appreciative Dr. Shetler was of the note from OCTM.

In honor of those who have come before, we are beginning a new series called "They Made a Difference" to highlight educators who have made a difference for YOU in mathematics.  To submit a brief remembrance for this series, write to Jodie Bailey (  Find this series and other OCTM history at this page on our site.

OCTM Newsletters

The OCTM Newsletter was replaced in 2016 with our monthly e-Blasts, which members receive electronically.  Interested in having something featured in the monthly e-Blast?  Email .

Also, be sure to check out OCTM's blog.

View all issues of the Newsletter from 2001-2015 HERE on Google Drive.